Eat that Guitar. The Beginning.

You're still my hero, Tsunami.

There is a part of my life that for many years I’ve tried to conceal. I am an amateur competitive eater. I’ve done it all. I’ve done hotdogs. And. Well. Mostly I’ve done hotdogs. At Bar4, On October 16, 2010, however, I am going to attempt something few fellow gastronauts have attempted and lived to tell about. I am going to eat my guitar. Live on stage.

To prepare for this I’ve constructed, after many hours of laborious research, a training routine that will lead me to guaranteed success. With this blog, I will track and communicate the trials, the tribulations, the sweat and the tears that will be my training. Stay tuned. This is going to be very, very, painful.

About Chris Michael

Eating guitars since 2009.
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