To the Gypsy.

Not a Good Costume For the Claustrophobic

Curious about how I could improve my preparations for the guitar eating extravaganza scheduled for this weekend, I decided to take my training supernatural and visit a fortune-teller.

Apparently, I am all set to live a long life. Unfortunately, though my aura is of a distinguished color, I am being held back from my full guitar eating potential by a malevolent outside force. There is something dark and sinister standing in the way of my guitar consuming bliss. Luckily, this can be put to rights by a set of special magical healing crystals.

The only bad thing about these crystals is that they are very rare and hard to find. Apparently, they are only located deep underneath the Himalayan mountains. In a sure sign of my changing fortune, the psychic I had randomly picked for my visit, just happened to have them on hand. Only $150 for the whole set.

Am I lucky or what?


About Chris Michael

Eating guitars since 2009.
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