Know Your Enemy.

Few people know that Sun Tzu's reall name was Elvis Aaron Presley.

As part of my preparation for the battle between my stomach and my guitar, I have been reading The Art of War by the great Chinese general Sun Tzu.  

In his popular treatise, Sun Tzu suggests that it is critical to know one’s enemy.  Toward this end, I have spent several hours spying on my guitar. Watching its every move. In my hours of diligent research, I have discovered one undeniable fact. My guitar is really, really boring.

It just sits around watching day time judge shows all day and eating Ritz Crackers. I didn’t even know you could watch day time judge shows all day! It’s not even the same show over and over. There’s like a hundred of these things. How many fake judges does the world need!? This can’t be good for my guitar’s brain.


About Chris Michael

Eating guitars since 2009.
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