Make That Music New York!

That is some fine looking poster. Oh look, my name's on it!

Next Tuesday is gonna be some kind of weird and wonderful day here in New York City.  In addition to all the incredible music happening at Bar 4, there’s going to be some wild, wild stuff happening all over the city. Including but not limited to:

A second line parade down the High Line!

Roberta Flak singing with middle school jazz bands from the Bronx in Central Park!

The transformation of Governor’s Island into Punk Island!*

I’ve also learned that there will be “over 100 rock bands blanketing Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg.”** I have a hard time believing that the denizens of Williamsburg will be able to tell a difference between this and any other Tuesday.

I am unspeakably excited to make a small contribution to something as gloriously strange as this event. I’ll be playing around 5:25 on the sidewalk outside Bar 4^ (unless it rains, in which case we’ll be inside Bar 4. Which may be weirder. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if Bar 4 was open during the day).

So on Tuesday, I hope you go out and enjoy the delightful strangeness that outdoor live music throughout the largest city in the nation is sure to create. And if you just happen to make your way into the South Slope on that day, I recommend you stop by Bar 4 on the corner of 7th Ave and 15th Street. It’s delightfully strange there everyday, but Tuesday promises to be especially fun.

*This actually occurs on Sunday the 19th of June, but is part of the same strange, bizarre, awesome event as the rest of these strange, bizarre, awesome happenings.  


^Bar 4 is located at 444 7th Ave B’klyn, NY. As if you didn’t know!


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