I was recently asked by my mother if I had any tips for my youngest sister as she prepared a speech on why same-sex marriage should be legal.  One of the things I told her was that I think it is always difficult to argue when you are opposed by people driven by irrational emotion and not reason.

Usually, though, in any argument there are strong points to be made on both sides. This is what you focus on. Answering the legitimate concerns raised by the other side. In this particular issue, however, there is very little that can be reasonably said for opposing equality in marriage rights. When you strip down the often circular and illogical reasoning of those who oppose bills like the one passed and signed yesterday here in New York, all you’re really left with is fear-driven discrimination.

And so I told my sister, this is the beauty of making this argument. It is one of the only times in life you’ll get to be so clearly and obviously right about something.

Congratulations New York for finally joining the right side of history. I know it was hard even though I know it shouldn’t have been hard at all. For once I am proud of Albany. Thank you.


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