Happy Birthday America!

This past Monday was Independence Day here in the old U S of A. Those of you familiar with the history of our great nation will remember that July 4th is the day we threw off the shackles of our alien oppressors after learning how to take down their space ships by installing a virus in the computer of the mothership, and destroying it with a nuclear bomb. This of course lowered the shields of the attacking ships, leaving them vulnerable to attack and spelling doom for the invading forces. I love history.

But we must never forget. God forbid it should happen again.

This year, I spent a large portion of my July 4th weekend like many other Americans. Sitting in traffic on interstate highways.

When I finally got back to my home in Brooklyn, though, I found a wonderful surprise. Some talented friends of mine spent their holiday recording one of my songs. What a strange and enjoyable experience hearing those words coming out of their voices. And in three part harmony no less!

Check out Ryan Morgan, Justin Storer and Bryan Rogers singing their impressive version of Fire in the Attic here:

Holy moly, that’s good! Click on their names above and listen to some of what they usually write and play. All of which is, of course, very, very good.

Also and finally, I’ve got a show coming up this month at Rockwood Music Hall on Sunday July 24th at 10pm. I hope to see you there if not sooner!

Happy Birthday America! (and Phil Perry)


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Eating guitars since 2009.
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