September. 2011.

This month is, of course, September. Things that happen in September include:

1) Taylor Martin’s Birthday – Like your own birthday, except you drink twice as much.

2) The End of Summertime – One of the saddest times of the year.

3) The September Concert – A celebration of peace and humanity through music*.

While Taylor Martin’s birthday and Labor Day have passed**, the September concert is just now arriving.  This year the concert takes place for four days around the world. One of the of the many places around the world hosting four days of free music for peace happens to be Bar 4. One of my favorite places in all of Brooklyn.

I’m excited to be playing there on Saturday at 9pm. I am equally excited to see all the other music that’s going to be played as a part of the September Concert. Here’s a full run down of the Bar 4 September Concert Schedule:

Friday – September 9th

8pm – Tommy Lombardozzi
9pm – Secondstar
10pm – Bucky Hayes and The Radio
Saturday  – September 10th
8pm – Jamey Hamm and friends
9pm – Chris Michael
10pm – Kevin Johnston
Sunday  –  September 11th (times for this night are approximate)
7pm – Diana Lawrence
7:45 pm – Lara Ewen
8:30 pm – Greg Thomas
9:15 pm -Debbie Miller
10 pm  – Casey Shea
Monday – September 12th
8pm – Ivan Sandomire
9pm – Paul Basile
10pm – Sky Captains of Industry (EW Harris)

In case you’re unfamiliar with any of those folks, take my word – they’re all very, very good. If you remain unconvinced, then simply click on their link and I belive that the truth will be revealed.

* See:

** Though now behind us, Taylor Martin’s birthday is certainly not forgotten. I’m am still physically recovering from the experience. Here, though, is one of the ways in which I celebrated Mr. Martin’s day of birth:


Let us mourn the death of Summertime with Billy Stewart:


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