Folk Art.

It is indeed all over now.

Today I’m going to play some music at the American Folk Art Museum. This will be a first for me. Two firsts even. The first time I’ve ever played in a museum. AND the first time I’ve been to the Folk Art Museums new location at 2 Lincoln Square. So if you happen to be around 66 street on the west side this evening, stop on by. See some cool folk art and listen to some tunes. Andy Clayburn is playing at 5:30, I’m at 6:05 and Justin King is at 6:40.  Both of those guys are pretty great too, even if you’re not folk arting it up today I’d recommend stoping by their respective websites and picking up some music. Also, there’s more free music every Friday at the Folk Art Museum. Next Week: Debbie Miller.

Today also marks the begining of something I’ve been working towards since my last post. I’m going to be working on a series of low quality recordings on an iPad that I’m calling First World Lo-Fi: The iPad Sessions and posting them as they’re completed. You’ll be able to download them for free here – .  Is this kind of a weird thing to do? Maybe. But I’ve never let that stop me before.

Today’s first ever First World Lo-Fi submission is a cover of The Valentino’s “It’s All Over Now” written by Bobby Womack. I visualize these recordings getting increasingly complicated as I learn how to cram more and more into the iPad. Stay tuned.

It’s All Over Now.


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