Getting aNIALLated at Ceol.


I’ve never really considered what part of the fish Niall’s speaking into before…


A couple of months ago I got to be a part of something pretty cool. That something was a Niall Connolly tribute album. The brain-child of one Ryan Morgan, this tribute turned out to be far cooler than I could have possibly imagined. Not only does the back of this record read like a list of my favorite people and musicians, but it features a number of very creative re-imaginings of fantastic Niall Connolly songs. Niall Connolly also happens to be one of my favorite people and musicians.

For my part I recorded one of my favorite songs, “A Child is A Child,” with my friend E.W. Harris. If you haven’t heard the final product yet I encourage you to go HERE and give it a listen along with the rest of the record.

As you may know, I have been working on a series of iPad recordings I call: “First World Lo-Fi: The iPad Sessions.” Unfortunately I’ve been living a relatively hectic life since the start of this project and am several songs behind where I’d like to be.


To keep things moving while I slowly work towards recording (what I think will be some exciting) new iPad songs, I am submiting the demo I made via iPad while working up “A Child is A Child.” Go check it out:

And Finally,

Those of you who know about Ceol:

I don’t have to tell you how wonderful Wednesday nights can be. Those of you who are less familiar – Wednesday night at Ceol is a really good time. A group of very talented and increadibly friendly songwriters get together and play songs for each other every Wednesday night at Ceol (191 Smith St. Bklyn) Each week a couple of folks get to play a full set of material. This upcoming wednesday I’m going to be one of those folks. I highly recommend coming out, meeting these folks, and lisening to them play. I really can’t imagine you’ll regret it. It gets started around 8pm.  It is hosted by Mr. Niall Connolly and things like this often happen: 


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