Californ. Eye. Aye.

A rare moment where I could take a picture without car sickness.

I just got back from my first trip to San Francisco. California. It’s a beautiful city. Crazy hills. Light but persistent fog. Higher than average rates of septum piercing. But my heart remains in Brooklyn, and even the awesome Redwoods in Muir Woods can’t change my mind on that account. I also ate food in the dark. On purpose. It’s harder than you might think.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been moving a little slowly due to the lingering effects of a long overnight flight. But I have been working.

If you’ve read any of my recent posts here, then you’re probably familiar with my iPad project. Basically I’m making a series of needlessly complicated low quality recordings on an expensive Apple product. Maybe it will approximate AM radio. Maybe it will push me to write new and exciting musics. Maybe it will all be total garbage. Only time, and your discerning ears, will tell.

I’m coming close to finishing up my next installment and I’ve even started writing what I hope will be the installment after that. I’ve figured out a way to get the iPad to give me virtually unlimited tracks, which means these next recordings will be increasingly packed with all sorts of unnecessary and perhaps totally unpleasant sounds. Stay tuned to see how it comes out. It’s all free to both stream and download, so if it turns out to be something you want, it is yours for the taking. Check out the growing collection here:

Until next time, stay tuned and take a moment to consider this fashion advice from Scott McKenzie concerning appropriate attire when traveling to the Bay Area:


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