An EatThatGuitar Retraction.

Eat Those Words Chris Michael!

On May 18, in my review of Ryan Morgan’s new album, Chivalry Is Dead I described the atmospherics of the opening bit of music as being “classic E.W. Harris.” While E.W. is a genius all around and especially when it comes to atmospherics, Ryan Morgan informed me that the music undergirding the first section of the record, Chivalry is Dead Part I, was in fact composed by Bryan Rogers.

In case you’re not familiar with Bryan,  he’s a relatively recent, but exciting, addition to our Brooklyn family. I think I speak for all of New York when I say we’re very glad to have him. I suggest you go to the link above and check him out.  Or come out to LC Fest Day 2 on Thursday June 7 at 8 o’clock and see him in person. (I play right after so stick around.) He’ll also be touring quite a bit coming up playing Blues musics with a group of Chicago musicians. Which may make him more or less difficult to see, depending on where you live.

In addition, here’s a video of Bryan playing a lovely grand piano at Caffe Vivaldi and singing some harmonies with me on one of my tunes back on May 11 at Sagar Bhatt’s Sack Lunch:

Also for those of you wondering how the show on May 18th went, here’s Bryan playing with Ryan Morgan at his Album release, that very night:

Finally, here’s Bryan doing his own thing as the duo project Regarding Fury:


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