(Gonna Tell Myself) It’s All Going To Be Okay.

First World Lo-Fi: The iPad Sessions.

First World Lo-Fi: The iPad Sessions.


A while back I came up with this idea for an experiment. I would build some multi-track recordings with an iPad microphone and Garage Band for iPad, and then posting the results online. This as a way to periodically remind people that I make music sometimes. Lately the projects have been getting more complicated from a logistical standpoint. Like way more complicated. In fact, for some of these recordings it would have been significantly faster to do the same thing with conventional equipment. This combined with a busy schedule means that I’ve been running at a rough average of one recording per 4 months or so. Hopefully I can eventually improve on this pace.


For now, we have a few one-off type recordings, including my first attempt at the project – a Valentinos cover – “It’s All Over Now”, and we have three recordings of a more sophisticated (if still barely listenable) nature. Today I’m posting the third of these more complicated entries. The song is called “(Gonna Tell Myself) It’s All Going To Be Okay.” You can find it HERE or HERE. Or, just maybe, you can hear it right here: 


I’m thinking of putting these together into a little package at some point. I have also been putting together a plan to embark on a journey towards a non-iPad EP. I would then take 5 or 6 iPad recordings with some nice do it yourself style packaging, and give them away as a free bonus for purchasing the EP. 

I have to assume that if your still reading, you might be interested enough in these songs to have an opinion, as to which 5 or 6 songs you’d like to see on an EP. If so, please feel free to comment below. Or you can get at me on Twitter. I have a twitter account that I haven’t been using at all and this seems as good a time as any to use it. If you’ve got an opinion about what should go on the EP and you want to express that in 140 characters or less, find and follow @EatThatGuitar and let me know what’s good.

Thanks everyone for reading. I hope you enjoy the song and please let me know your thoughts on the non-iPad recording. I’m going to start planning a timetable for that soon and I would like any thoughts you might have as I do. 


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One Response to (Gonna Tell Myself) It’s All Going To Be Okay.

  1. moverdrive says:

    Cool production. You’ve got a ‘John Lennon’ type vocal thing going. Sounds really good…

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