Eric Wilson Harris.

There is a man. He lives on Nostrand Avenue here in Brooklyn, his name is Eric Wilson Harris, and he is responsible for the creation of a fair amount of the music that I have been listening to these past few years.

What does that mean?

Well, from a technical perspective it means quite a lot of things. But let’s say that it means this man has sat in front of a computer in a small, often very hot room, and put a lot of time, thought and effort into the creation of sounds, and that these sounds are unique and beautiful in a wonderful way, and that these sounds have made their way into my life and my ears and the ears of many other people and that they have become special to us. I venture further to say that if you have not heard these sounds, if you have not had this unusual pleasure, that they would also become special to you once you had the chance to let them into your ears and your life as well.  

When listening to these sounds, it often seems as if you are listening to sounds that exist in multiple environments, multiple worlds at once. The effect is that you are forced to let go of the way that you hear and sense things out in your day to day existence and accept the impossibility of this universe, this impossible multi-world universe, created by the man who lives on Nostrand Avenue, on their own, often unspeakably beautiful terms.

If you haven’t heard these sounds, you are in both luck and the right place at the right time, because here is a sample:

And Another:

And another:

And another:

Now, there is a problem: The computer, the one that the man sits in front of in that small hot room on Nostrand Avenue for all of those thousands of hours creating these delightfully unusual, brilliantly and breathtakingly original sounds has malfunctioned. Terminally. It is dead and he needs a new one. Unfortunately, these things cost money and there is very little of that to go around in the business of being brilliant and original while producing records for local songwriters.  And so we are raising funds in his name through a Rockethub project so that he can get back to doing this thing that we all so badly need him to do. You can go here to help out:

Eric Wilson Harris has produced records for a whole lot of the most talented people that I know, and would like to continue doing so. If you are a musician, meeting E.W. often leads to a desire to collaborate with him. That is why nearly everyone I know here has. The reason is that there is no one else like him. His combination of talent and unique ability, his willingness to work very, very hard for not very much money, his overall benign and amiable eccentricity, make him one of a kind. A perfect original.

Let me add this, I am not a religious person. But I believe in certain ideas in a nearly religious manner. One of those ideas is justice. To want E.W to succeed is to want justice. There are other people that I could say this about, but no one deserves it more than E.W. Harris. And, see, the funny thing about ideas is that they are capable of physical, worldly manifestation, but only if you act in a way that rolls the ball in the right direction. Some things are hard, and extremely complicated. This is simple and easy. To roll the ball in the right direction, to aid E.W. in finding success, to serve the manifestation of justice, all you have to do is go to THIS WEBSITE and give a few bucks so that the man on Nostrand Avenue can go back to doing the thing that the world needs him to do. Recording sounds.

We have one week. Let’s all do the right thing. Just this once. Let’s bring down the night with our cacophony.


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