The Motherfucking Sky Captains of God Damned Industry!

You gotta take that girl for a walk!

You gotta take that girl for a walk!

Ladies and gentleman (and mutants). At this very moment there is a group of fellow human beings out there in the world, and they are traveling across the southeastern corner of our nation. This group makes up three-quarters of the future-retroist/folktronic/rock and roll band The Sky Captains of Industry. They are currently deep into a month-plus long tour in support of their new album Rocket City. They are also living out a strange parallel existence. Acting out a real world version of the story told in their very high-concept, near rock opera, album of music. The very same one they are out promoting.

See what had happened was, the men and woman of the Sky Captains of Industry created an album which is essentially a series of vignettes. And these vignettes tell the story of a group of people who travel across the country in search of Rocket City. It seems that our heroes have discovered a time capsule, and in so doing have discovered a host of music from the past and a magazine that talks all about a city full of rockets. A Rocket City. As a result the gang heads out for this city, fights off cannibals, nearly drown in the great inland sea, and leave behind a beautiful and eclectic set of set of songs. Many of which use the concept of the album as a jumping off point to explore some more allegorical territory.

While allegories dressed as science fiction may not be new to this world, they’ve never been more aesthetically pleasing than they are here. I mean, at bottom, once you strip away all the concept and metaphor, Rocket City is just a really, really great sounding record of awesome songs. But this of course is all buoyed by the story and the metaphor and the beautiful EW Harris-isms that cover this thing from head to toe.

Meanwhile though, the actual members of the Sky Captains (minus one) are currently traveling the country. Much like the heroes of the record they’re pushing. And while they may be traveling from Rocket City instead of to it, they are certainly risking life and limb in the land of cannibals (Florida). And they are certainly going to save the rest of everyone’s heart. Just you wait and see America.

To learn all about the SCI’s adventurous journey across the Altered States of America you should tune in here:

To hear the record you should tune in here:

And consider this:

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1 Response to The Motherfucking Sky Captains of God Damned Industry!

  1. manquillan says:

    ridiculous. You people are ridiculous. Yes I said YOU PEOPLE. with your scruffy beards and your “country music”… Man can’t bare child! Bill Nye said so on national television! Educate yourselves! Watch some T.V.!

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